"You don't take a photograph, you make it"
"Ansel Adams"

About the festival

"Every time I wake up, I meet Sunnmørs night over the harbor and the mountains, where the light drives night to day."

- Harriet Eide

It is this the Fjordlys festival is about: The light on Sunnmøre - in all weather.
The light at Sunnmøre has inspired many artists and photographers. The light over fjord and mountains, creates vibrant motives the glance never gets enough of. Fjordlys Festival is a photo festival that shelters the interaction between weather, nature and light. The festival is for those who want photo-like refills and inspiration, which will both sit in the body and be hung on the walls.

Exhibitions and Photo Casting
We have collected a bunch of exciting photo artists and lecturers who have experienced the world with camera in hand. With the help of words and pictures you will be taken on unbelievable journeys through their lives, from Ålesund, to Congo and Siberia.

Magic nature experiences
One of the highlights of the Fjordlys festival is the photo expeditions, where you get to the spectacular scenery that Sunnmørske naturen has to offer. The tours in themselves are an experience for life. Together with experienced photo guides such as Bård Løken, Johnny Haglund, Asle Hjellbrekke and Arild Solberg, you will get tips and techniques to best perform the magical moments.